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Miao Hung Bun (Yuk Choi Tong)
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" x 24"
Miao Hung Bun (Tai Yee Po)
Mixed Media on Canvas
24 x 24
Miao Hung Bun
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
36" x 48"

Miao Hung Bun is a series of mixed media artworks created at a residency in Tao Hua Tan in Anhui China. The images in the work depict items from my family’s Chinese pantry. Now three generations removed from my ancestral homeland, the artifacts of my family's heritage remain in the recipes and lessons translated and taught to me by my grandmother and her siblings. Through this project I was able to return some of that heritage as these artworks now reside in a permanent collection there.

The title “Miao Hung Bun” refers to the worksheets children use in school when learning to write Chinese. The images are transferred onto the frameworks in my own symbolic language depicting things that I recognize but am unable to verbally describe.

The backgrounds of each of the paintings are painted reproductions of the plaster walls which surrounded the residency.

Special thanks to Tri Art for their incredibly generous sponsorship